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Tinidazole is used for treating certain parasitic and bacterial infections. Doctors tinidazole recommend buying 500 mg to treat diseases of the genitourinary system and the gastrointestinal system, caused by different parasites. Thanks to the online pharmacy you can buy tinidazole without prescription if you order on the Website in a few minutes. These antibiotics effectively treat the parasitic disease even in severe cases.

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In the case of which diseases should buy tinidazole?

The most common tinidazole is used for the treatment of Trichomoniasis. It is a disease of the genitourinary system caused by the single-cell Trichomonas vaginalis. Due to the special structure of the body (in particular, the presence of flagella) get cancer easily deep into the human tissue and actively move in the intercellular space. Once you are in the body, liver cancer is only in the urogenital system, because other tissues are not to be life suitable. From Person to Person Trichomoniasis is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. Symptoms of Trichomoniasis: itching, pain and burning in the area of the genitals, redness, inflammation, and sores, pus or bleeding, pain during which the emptying of Urine and sexual contact. If Trichomoniasis is not treated in time, it can have serious complications: infertility, inflammation of the cervix and the uterus attach in women, inflammation of the prostate gland in men, departure, or the disorders of the development of the fetus in pregnant women, cystitis, etc.

It is also recommended to buy tinidazole 500 mg for the treatment of Giardiasis. It is the disease of the small intestine, which is caused by single-cell Giardia. The contagion happens when the food (vegetables, fruits) and water, which are contaminated by Giardia cysts. In the gastrointestinal tract, Giardia reproduces actively in the small intestine, which leads to irritation, pain, and inflammation. Symptoms of Lambliasis: pain in the upper abdomen or the fog area, flatulence, Nausea, constipation followed by diarrhea, skin rash, General weakness, fatigue, irritability, reduced appetite, headache, dizziness, sleep disorders, weight reduction. The difficult-to-severe Giardiasis in a permanent reduction in the immunity and chronic inflammatory processes in the gastro-intestinal leads tract.

The rarest disease is treated with tinidazole, which is Amoebiasis. Most people who travel in hot countries on holiday, at the Amebiasis sick. The disease is caused by an amoeba of the species Entamoeba histolytica. In the human body, multiply and live the amoeba lives in the colon and infects the mucosal walls. If the disease is not treated in time, it can cause the Amoebiasis to extensive wounds in the intestine, with intestinal ulcers and other organ disorders (liver, heart, gall bladder). Symptoms of Amoebiasis: pain in the lower stomach, diarrhea with mucus and blood, reduced appetite, Nausea, vomiting, increased body temperature, weight loss, weakness, anemia, enlargement of the liver.

How does Fasigyn?

If you are taking tinidazole, oral, absorbed the drug rapidly into the blood, and the high concentration of antibiotics lasts for a long time. Thanks to its structure, tinidazole was slightly in the parasite organism and stifles their development, so that micro-organisms die. Depending on the stage and severity of the disease, tinidazole can be used alone or as part of the integrated therapy used. A doctor must determine the best treatment.

Dosage of tinidazole

For the treatment of Trichomoniasis in women and men, there are four treatment systems for Fasigyn. The doctor prescribes one of the independence on the individual peculiarities of the patient's body. In people with normal immunity, healthy liver and kidneys it is recommended most often, 2000 mg Fasigyn be taken once. In some cases, tinidazole 500 mg should be every 15 minutes during the hour taken (the total amount is 2000 mg). If it is kidney or liver disorders, it is recommended that 150 mg tinidazole twice per day for one week to take.

In the case of Giardiasis, it is most commonly used for 2000 mg tinidazole assigned to take once (the antibiotics should be taken 40-50 minutes after Breakfast). In the case of liver or kidneys diseases, you should take 300 mg tinidazole once a day for a week. In severe Giardiasis, you should get 6-7 treatment courses.

In the case of Amoebiasis, you should take 1500 mg of tinidazole once a day for a week. In children, it is assigned to 50-60 mg of tinidazole per Kilo of body weight. Ask your doctor to determine the correct dosage.

Fasigyn during pregnancy

During the first three months of pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to use tinidazole. In the following months, the antibiotics should be used with caution, and the health of the mother and the fetus should be monitored continuously. During hemostasis, the intake should be discussed of Fasigyn with the doctor. It is often recommended to young mothers, to switch to artificial feeding, but there are exceptions.


  • Diseases of the Central nervous system in the active Phase;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • The first trimester of pregnancy;
  • Taking Aethionamidum.

Price of tinidazole

In the Online pharmacies in Australia tinidazole A$ 0.77-1.01 per 1 tablet cost. The price of Fasigyn 500 mg is a A$ 0.70-0.80 per 1 tablet. The price of tinidazole 1000 mg is A$ 2.15-3.58 per 1 tablet.

Where to buy tinidazole online?

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